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Interest Rates from: 2.99%
Minimum loan: £15,000
Loan to Value from: 100%

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Buy to Let mortgages are specifically designed for people who want to invest in the property market by buying houses and letting them out to tenants. The owner of the property benefits from the appreciation in the capital value of the house whilst the tenant benefits by having an affordable property to rent. Much of the repayment on the mortgage is covered by the revenue raised by letting, allowing the investment to grow year on year. Buy to Let mortgages are very similar to standard mortgages. The percentage which the buy to let lender is willing to lend is likely to be restricted to 80% of the value of a property and mortgage terms range from five to 45 years in length. 100% funding can be achieved. Call us to discuss this aspect in more detail. Our independent mortgage advisers may be able to recommend mortgage arrangements that are not available on the high street. This could strengthen your investment.

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