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Interest Rates from: 2.79%
Minimum loan: £10,000
Loan to Value from: 100%

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Finance can be provided for the acquisition of land, major projects and even plant and equipment used in the construction and related industries ar items which can be funded using our National Funders. The sale and lease back or the re-financing of assets already owned by the company can be considered. It is often a way of releasing capital in assets to reduce Bank Borrowings or other debts, finance an expansion plan or large contracts gained and fund the repayments over an agreed period. The information regarding Lease arrangements also apply to the refinancing or sale and lease back of assets. One of the major problems facing any business enterprise is that of obtaining finance. This is a problem not merely of quantity but also of type and the need to minimise costs and maximise cash flow. The sources of capital available to any firm are quite numerous, with short and long term funding, of up to 100% of the project value, available. However large or small are your finance needs, contact our team for expert advice for innovative and cost saving solutions.

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