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Interest Rates from: 1.99%
Minimum loan: £25,000
Loan to Value from: 95%

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A remortgage refers to when you change your existing mortgage product. This can either be to a different product with your existing provider or to a different provider altogether. Remortgage finance has become more popular in recent years as financial lenders offer better deals for those with property assets. The benefits of remortgage deals are obvious. The ability to shop around for the best value loan, particularly if you are coming to the end of a fixed rate or discounted mortgage for example, means that you can save money by changing to a different mortgage product. In the time since you purchased your original mortgage, better deals may have become available offering lower rates of interest or lesser charges. Changing to one of those mortgage products can lower the required monthly payments. Remortgaging also offers you the chance to consolidate credit card or loan debts into a mortgage that can offer preferable terms and rates of interest. This can lead to smaller payments servicing that debt, as they will now be part of your mortgage, although you should be aware that you may be paying interest on these debts for a longer period of time. Remortgage deals can also give you the opportunity to release equity tied up in your property to finance home improvement or other investments and can give far better terms and lower rates of interest than other forms of borrowing. Home improvements can actually increase the value of your property if carried out correctly.

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